Take free flights from home anywhere in the world

Flying an aircraft is probably the dream everyone has. But there is no way to do it if you are not a pilot. If that’s the case you can try out some of the flight simulator applications available. They offer free flights practically anywhere in the world – to the most exotic places you’ve dreamed of right from your home. Decent looking animation videos, realistic planes and a realistic world map are the key factors flight simulators face when competing in the market for the attention and the money of the customers. Flight simulator needs two different types of files to add scenery to your environment. It needs graphics objects and texture files. The graphics objects will actually define the 3d structures and shapes, and the textures are used to cover them with colors and detail. Many people want their flight simulator to be as close as possible to reality. Editing planes and scenery the way you prefer is one of the tasks, but it’s not so easy because one needs the software able to convert the texture files to bitmap and back. This is the task ImageConverter Plus can handle easily making your flight simulator more realistic. The most common task the users face is to convert the bmp textures into .dds textures. ImageConverter Plus can also convert the DDS textures to PNG textures and to just about any other image format in seconds!