BMP: when every pixel matters

BMP format produces uncompressed bitmapped images. It produces images of high resolution and great quality, but the images are quite large in size. This format is one of the oldest, but it is way too useful providing lossless compression method and taking care of every single image pixel. BMP is perfect for logos and icons, and in case they were originally saved as JPEG images it’s easier to convert them to BMP for a more comprehensive processing. Although the usual task is to convert your BMP images to JPEG for the web use, ImageConverter Plus also allows converting JPEG to the BMP format. The color depth available is from monochrome up to 24-bit true color. Our advanced users can create bitmap images row by row specifying the direction from bottom to top (default setting) or from top to bottom. Please note that the resolution of the BMP images is fixed, so resizing them can cause distortion. Still, ImageConverter Plus never deletes your source image files. So even if something goes wrong and the result does not satisfy your requirements you can always get back to your original files to experiment with them more.