Try to surprise us with an unsupported image format

Image files can come from so many sources that it’s almost impossible to name their exact number. In addition to the image formats that are well known, there are sub-formats and/or format variations. The goal of ImageConverter Plus is to provide support for the largest number of image formats. It’s both challenging and rewarding. No matter that we already claim to provide support for 99% of the existing image formats, our users may once in a while come across files of unknown origin, or of outdated software, or a very specific program that created them. Whatever the case, we encourage you to send all the files you are unable to view to our support service. Our image viewer is likely to recognize the origin of the image file and convert it for you into JPEG or other image formats. We will analyze the file, will convert it for you, and will include a new format variation into our list of supported image formats.