Convert ancient files created for DOS

There are not so many image formats that can be called device independent. Device independent means the ability of the image format to be displayed on different types of technical devices and different operating systems. In most cases one needs to convert images from one format to another just to overcome the problem of being not device independent. One of the most vivid examples of the image format that is accurately displayed on any device is PDF. Another one is much less common and can be considered archaic – Dr. Halo. This image format is associated with the Halo image format library and with Dr. Halo III paint program created for DOS. The purpose of the format was to transfer data between different hardware. The inner structure of the format is pretty unusual – there are two separate files combined into one. The first file has the extension .CUT and contains the image data; the second one has the extension .PAL and contains the color palette information for the image. The image saved in the Dr. Halo format may contain up to 256 colors. If you come across Dr. Halo image files, you will need to convert them to another image format. ImageConverter Plus provides support for Dr. Halo CUT image format and accepts Dr. Halo files for output conversion.