Support for HDRI images

ImageConverter Plus can handle not just regular images, but also HDRI images. The software allows saving into the following formats supporting HDRI: PSD, TIFF, PFM, EXR, HDR, DDS. Same formats, plus DPX can be converted into other image formats. Regular images we come across every day are usually bitmaps containing 24-bit per pixel, storing the color of 1 pixel by mixing 3 color channels: Red, Green, and Blue. Each color channel can contain a value between 0 and 255. So, only 3 colors merged together for bitmap images can represent 16,777,216 distinct colors. Large number, isn’t it? But this number is small in comparison to the actual number of colors the human eye can perceive. Higher dynamic range of colors can be represented by HDRI images. In HDRI, each channel holds more accurate values. The range of color and light that can be contained is much greater than the RGB images. HDRI images provide a floating point value for each channel and pixel thus increasing the maximum storage capacities per color channel and pixel. HDRI photography is a new trend where the photographer creates an image with a more dynamic range than what is possible to get by regular means. HDRI image may look surreal, but even if not such, it opens up shadows and recovers highlight detail in an image resulting into great-looking shots.