Creative way to decorate a blank CD

We often burn music, photos, and videos to the CDs and DVDs. We make our own collections reflecting our music or movie preferences. No matter what you have recorded, it’s boring to have a plain CD without any decorations. Wonder how to decorate a CD making the image round as the CD itself? It’s possible when you apply advanced resize operations. Here is the detailed description of the steps to take to create an image with the circle inside that you can attach to the CD. In case you are going to perform the same operation more than one time, we advise you to save a profile with the described settings. You will actually find the profile on the same page ready to be downloaded – just right-click it, save it, and it will appear among a variety of other profiles built into the software. A self-decorated CD is a great gift for a friend or a relative. Same operation can be performed on any number of CDs or DVDs – our corporate customers can apply this profile on hundreds or thousands of images preparing CDs or DVDs for sale.