It’s a small world

Recent annual Small World Photomicrography Competition sponsored by Nikon led us to offer you even more opportunities for digital image processing. Images that come from electronic microscopes can be really amazing. There are numerous online galleries containing thousands of full color photomicrographs (photographs taken through a microscope). If you make a search you will see and be amazed at beautiful colors and shapes of soap bubbles, antibiotics, fragrances, vitamins and whatnot – all of these things so familiar but looking completely different under the microscope. Electronic microscopes illuminate the images using beams of electrons. Because they have a shorter wavelength than light beams, things can be seen at higher magnification and higher resolution. Incredibly detailed images can be obtained. Taking pictures through the microscope is not as difficult as you may think. You can use the camera that you already have plus an adapter that will help you stabilize it. But your photos will need further processing. With ImageConverter Plus you can convert your RAW photos into JPEGs so that you can upload your beautiful image collection onto the web. If you plan to use microscopic images for different photo contests, they probably need resizing or dpi changing. Though the types of images received from microscopes are way too unusual, their processing will seem quite common with the proper type of software.