“The only converter supporting TGA”

TGA is a format for describing bitmap images. It is capable of representing bitmaps ranging from black and white, indexed color, and RGB color; the format also supports various compression methods. The success of the TGA Format for storing color images can be attributed to its ease of use, the small amount of program memory needed to parse the file, and the fact that it was the first truecolor file format widely available. Many government offices, corporations, service bureaus, production shops and nearly all Truevision developers have standardized on the TGA format as a means of allowing cross-product and crossapplication compatibility. It all took place back in 1984, so the format is considered outdated. But, we still get lots of feedback from our users who need to convert old TGA files into more common formats. The main reason for TGA being used is that it is a very, very simple image format. A couple hundred lines of code read and write every known type of TGA. TGA format is not supported by the Windows OS (as it is not supported by Internet Explorer). TGA format is pretty old and is getting less popular, so we recommend that you convert TGA to TIFF or to the PNG format. But if you really like TGA for your specific needs, ImageConverter Plus allows saving different file types into TGA as well.