Sharing your beach mood

The endless blue sea stretches out as far as your imagination. You sit under a palm tree and feel the breeze of the air against your skin. But then you are at home back from vacation getting to the tail end of summer. But don’t despair! Your vacation memories will last forever when you look at your beautiful summer photos. Whether these are photos of you rafting on the river, or brightly colored flowers in full bloom, or seashells on sand background, the first suggestion we have is to always take your pictures a little farther away, and then use ImageConverter Plus to crop and resize them. If you get too close to your sea shell collection, the picture will blur, and if you zoom too much for someone’s portrait, you won’t get a great picture because you’re decreasing the number of pixels per inch. Cropping photos will help you create focal points as well as adding visual interest. With ImageConverter Plus you can also create an image gallery or send your photos by email to friends and family directly from the program.