“Shape sorting cube”

Sorting objects according to specific parameters is something that we learn from early childhood. Teaching a toddler or preschooler to sort items into categories is one of the best activities, since it encourages analytical thinking, creativity, and is a basic math skill. Since we received this basic knowledge, our mind works according to the skills acquired – most of us will not like disorder or randomly located things. We tend to put things in order, and this desire is quite natural. When the same refers to digital images, what makes it hard is that the number of images may be quite large, so it’s hard to achieve the goal manually.

We have to deal with images of different origin, file type, size, etc. When they are all intended for the same project, there is a necessity to sort them somehow not to miss something important. There may be several reasons to create a multipage file out of separate images of random image formats and size. This will be necessary if you work on a presentation and need to report on a variety of subjects supporting them with photographs. This is also necessary when you make a catalogue; or just when you need to combine electronically received faxes all together for further use. Whatever the reason, files that are supposed to turn into one big substantial image file may initially be of different image formats and located everywhere on your hard drive. When you add these images to ImageConverter Plus, they will be added one after another, and new files will appear in the bottom. We suggest that you choose a specific order preference from the list of available ones. You can sort images by their name, file type, file size, path and even color depth . Remember how children learn to sort shapes – this is something similar to a shape sorting cube – you combine images with parameters all together.