Converting bitmaps to DDS texture

The DirectX is a software development kit mostly used for game development. The DDS format is proprietary of DirectX that was created to store uncompressed and compressed textures. The format is specifically designed for use in real-time rendering applications, such as 3D games. It can be used to store textures, cubemaps, mipmap levels, and volume maps. Still, creation of DDS is one of the most puzzling aspects of game development – even Direct X converter cannot guarantee 100% satisfaction with the users. ImageConverter Plus can help convert bitmaps into .dds texture files to be used in DirectX. High quality DDS images with only a couple of clicks are guaranteed. Normally, the DDS compression offers 4:1 ratio, which is advantageous for saving RAM. Generating your own DDS files has several advantages, the most important of which is complete control over the compression artifacts of your texture. DDS files created out of bitmap images are 100% standard which helps avoid portability issues.