Selective conversion

Folders are a great means of organizing documents, images and other important information. Email accounts also work more efficient when messages from a particular sender are automatically placed into a specific folder to avoid confusion. When there are hundreds (or thousands) of digital images, organizing them properly is a must. Images can be grouped based on the time they were taken, on the event they describe, on the image type, client name etc. It can be your personal preference whether to use images just in folders or both folders and subfolders. Different photographers practice different ways of organizing images. There may be cases when images in folders need to be processed with ImageConverter Plus, while others should be ignored. Ignoring images in subfolders is possible when, for instance, you have to apply watermark on some images except portraits; or if you want to resize all but some photos of the same topic. Whatever the case, click on the corresponding menu option “convert with subfolders”. You can further decide upon the destination folder and keeping or ignoring the folder structure.