Load and import your RAW images faster

Canon digital cameras (Canon EOS 40D, 50D, 60D) offer shooting in sRaw and mRaw format specifications in addition to regular RAW. SRAW (small RAW) and MRAW (medium RAW) are both considered to be variations of the the RAW format with the similar quality, but smaller file size. You can still push exposure, edit white balance, remove noise to the same degree as with the actual true RAW. Smaller-sized files produced import faster, load faster and operate faster. But should you expect the same quality the RAW image format ensures? It is still a tradeoff – the resolution of these files is lower, though still much higher than in JPEG images. If you are running low on a card space, or if you need to present the resulting image files within the shortest timeframe, then sRAW or mRAW are both a good solution for time saving purposes. These format variations are lossless, but one should assume that some information is still sacrificed. Approach to sRAW and mRAW formats is not unique with different photographers. Some find the resulting image files to lack the quality, though some barely notice the quality loss. Support for both sRAW and mRAW variations is provided by ImageConverter Plus alongside with regular RAW format specifications of a large number of digital cameras.