Scale images with text without image distortion

JPEG is a bitmapped format, which means that the image will look pixilated when you enlarge it. JPEG is compressed and allows saving data in a small file sacrificing some of its quality. It is great for photographic images and can be easily used for transmitting images over the web. The downside of JPEG is that it’s not always good for printing because of some quality loss, plus, JPEG does not work well on line drawings, lettering or simple graphics because there is not a lot of the image that can be thrown out in the lossy process, so the image loses clarity and sharpness. However, converting a JPEG to a PDF can allow it to be enlarged and viewed as a higher-quality image. PDF is the format used for images and documents. Scalable text, bitmaps and vector images can be combined in one file. Convert JPEG to PDF using ImageConverter Plus. PDF can save the text in the document which will look sharp and clear no matter how much you scale it. Still, if you intend to view your images in the Internet, JPEG is the preference, because the browser will automatically open JPEG images, while Adobe Acrobat has to be installed.