Remove undesired elements from photos

Cases when you have photos with some unnecessary elements – copyright information, or just details you want to remove, are very frequent. If we are talking about copyright information, why do you want to remove it? It’s not a good thing to steal someone else’s work. Pretty much similar thing is when you want to remove a web address, or a name of the photo from the bottom of an image – why not apply to a corresponding resource, request the image you like paying just a few dollars? Another story is when there are your own images that need correction. ImageConverter Plus can help you remove this image information via cropping the image – a narrow stripe will be cut off the image retaining the high image quality. ImageConverter Plus can process as many images as you wish at the same time. They will be cropped in a batch mode. By cropping the image in general, you create a focus or strengthen the image composition. Sometimes you may want to remove a messy background, or pay the viewer’s attention to someone’s face expression – in this case we advise you to apply crop operation so that the details you really want to show are obvious. Please note that the original image will remain untouched – we never delete the source image files unless you specify the opposite.