Create standard portable DDS files from bitmaps

When describing image formats in brief, it’s possible to assign some main specific characteristics to each of them – some essence that makes this or that format different from others. The DDS image format deals with texturing. BMP provides very good image quality and very large image size, because the files are normally uncompressed. This image format is very common for picture editing – the ability to amend every pixel separately from others is one of the format’s advantages. Conversion of BMP files into other image formats may be reasonable to avoid a large file size and obsoleteness of BMP – this format was developed a long time ago for Windows applications to display colors properly. Converting BMP images to DDS with Image Converter Plus you can get 100% standard-compliant DDS files for use in DirectX Texture Editor. The DirectX is a software development kit mostly used for game development that allows you to edit the texture of a 3D model. Resulting DDS files provide decent compression ration 4:1 which saves RAM. The textures of DDS can be mipmapped, though this takes more graphics memory. The DDS files created with ImageConverter Plus are standard and have no portability issues.