“Remembering the past gives power to the present”

Each family has something in its history to be shared with everyone or at least the following generations. Taking time to look through the family photo albums is a fun activity. This connects the present with the past. This helps to understand how you became who you are right now. This stimulates the younger generations’ curiosity about their ancestors’ accomplishments and personalities. It is also nice to recall the ancestors’ habits and hobbies and compare them with the ones now existing among the family members. There are numerous websites devoted to genealogy trees, but even without those you can create your own family story. Modern technology makes it possible to scan the old family photos, digitize them and combine them into albums. If the photos were saved in some really outdated or rare image format ImageConverter Plus can help convert them into more universally recognized ones so that you can even share them on Facebook or any other online resources. Old photos may not look really perfect – they will at least need color correction. If that’s the only thing where amendments need to be introduced ImageConverter Plus can make them look more modern, or vice versa, add some old glamour. If you intend to use your family photos on Facebook online resize them first so that the users could open their full-sized versions easier. Creating a digitized version of your family history album makes it possible to email them to all the relatives so that no one is lost and everyone remains in memories of all the family tree branches.