Add your own file to an existing PDF

PDF is the file format that is widely used for storing documents. Multiplatform access is one of its main advantages. No matter what device you use to view the image it will look exactly the same and cannot be amended. Saving information in PDF file makes it easy to transmit files between computers with different applications. It’s important for many reasons, but it is of vital importance for storing legal documents intended for the court, or business charts, etc. When the information is transferred in between different applications there is no reason to worry about the information being altered by the third parties – PDF file is protected from any interference and will display the information stored in the file exactly as the author designed it. PDF is one of the image formats that have a lot of application methods – charts, language study books, diagrams, etc. Preserving the look and feel of the original source file becomes a priority you don’t have to worry about. Another advantage of PDF is its ability to save both raster and vector images. ImageConverter Plus provides comprehensive support of the PDF image format. Realizing that a simple conversion to PDF is not a difficult task our image converter makes it possible to deal with multipage PDFs. If you would like to add a certain file (or a page) to the existing PDF file ImageConverter Plus offers this opportunity. When you launch ImageConveter Plus there will be several options offered: to safe the file as it is, to save the file into several separate pages, to save the file as a multipage file, or to add a certain file to an existing file.