Ready-made profiles are waiting on the website to be downloaded

ImageConverter Plus is known to be the software that makes complicated simple. Profiles combine a set of different commands into a single command no matter how complicated the intermediate tasks are. For example, one profile may consist of resize, image format change, application of an image effect, EXIF data editing, etc. It does not mean that you need to remember all of those constituents – this is what the software is for. What you do is give your profile a unique name, save it, and next time same task has to be repeated you simply click on the profile in the pop-up menu. Still confusing? For a novice it may be, that’s why we invented something else. Talking about profiles and describing their usability is not as important as simply offering our users a real profile for downloading. When you search some specific operation on our website, for instance, how to organize an image collection, not only will you find a detailed article, but you will also find a profile ready to be downloaded and tested. When you right-click it, it will be saved according to your preferences, and when you want to see what it means simply click it next time from the chosen directory. But that’s not all! You don’t have to look for the same profile again on our website. Having tested it once it will appear among other ones in the software interface. Delete it if you don’t like it or use it in case it’s beneficial.