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Among a large variety of image formats TIFF is well known. What an average photographer can say about it is that it’s large in size but produces images of a really high quality. TIFF is great for printing purposes, and print-outs fr om TIFF look practically the same as on the computer screen – no other format can beat that ability. Some digital cameras offer TIFF as an option when one takes a picture. These are advanced cameras, and a regular user should not get addicted to TIFF because again, the files are large, and except for special purposes there is no need to use them in regular photography. TIFF file is more complex than other image formats and is pretty unambiguous. It allows a flexible set of information fields or tags ranging from the most fundamental, like image dimensions, to more private like copyright information – so-called “private tags” or “custom tags”. When a TIFF file is created it takes some features of the 2 image formats – RAW and JPEG offer. RAW and JPEG oppose each other in some of their characteristics, and when TIFF is created it’s capable of inheriting the best from each of them. When special software works on creating a TIFF file it definitely means that the TIFF will be software dependent. Different software may create and interpret TIFF differently. This happens due to different TIFF patterns wh ere a combination of various format specifications is present. So when some software program encounters TIFF it also recognizes JPEG traits and interprets such TIFF as “TIFF with embedded JPEG”. Some users may think that this TIFF is not a pure TIFF, but not really. It’s only a method of its interpretation, though definitely this may cause difficulties when you have to process such files because they may be interpreted differently with image processing software. Some software cannot distinguish a regular TIFF from “TIFF with embedded JPEG”, and the file is left unconverted. ImageConverter Plus is able to recognize TIFF and all of its specifications, including TIFF with embedded JPEG ignoring the outer shell and processing that part of the file that is of major importance. Like any other TIFF or JPEG formats TIFF with embedded JPEG can be converted into any other image file individually or in batch mode. So, no matter how you personally prefer to think of TIFF with embedded JPEG maybe considering it “imperfect”, you can always rely on ImageConverter Plus to make it more universally recognizable.