Quality vs. file size

Converting TIFF to JPEG seems to be a very easy and regular task. Meanwhile we keep getting messages fr om our users wh ere they stress the fact that other software applications they used did not help much. We appreciate it when the users send us their comments and let us know if ImageConverter Plus is really the program they looked for and the program that didn’t fail them. TIFF is the file format that produces very high quality photos, though it is never suitable for the web due to its large size. When converting TIFF images to JPEG the quality loss is inevitable, but very acceptable and barely noticeable to a human eye. ImageConverter Plus enables the users to get the highest possible quality images under this type of conversion. All possible variations of the TIFF format are supported – with LZW compression, multipage files, and many others. No matter how large your TIFF images are ImageConverter Plus performs TIFF to JPEG conversion in batch mode, and it will take just a few seconds.