Helping nonprofit organizations raise money

Among different types of business organization there is nonprofit. They provide a really wide range of services. What makes them different fr om other businesses is deep devotion to people’s needs and the necessity to spend money without generating income. The money usually comes from donors, corporations and service providers. We won’t go into details explaining why the money is donated – this may be both – sympathy to those in need, or just a PR action. What matters here is that the money for the particular project is collected and fulfills its purpose. But how to attract someone’s attention to your project? Even if the purpose is obvious – like helping those who suffered earthquake in Haiti, or investing into a child’s heart surgery, – simple project description won’t be sufficient. The project needs to be accompanied by high quality photos – both online and in brochures or booklets. ImageConverter Plus can process the photos for your project according to your specific needs. If you have images wh ere the dpi needs to be changed for printing, use ImageConverter Plus to get high quality prints so that they can be distributed among potential donors. If your task is to upload photos to the website, you can resize them and create thumbnails that the visitor will open to consider your needs and his or her sponsorship possibilities. Please note that we have special discounts for nonprofit organizations. You should contact our support service for details.