“Put a smile on your face. Make the world a better place”

Portrait photography requires special skills. Although this type of photography is probably more difficult to master than others, photographers like to experiment and learn by practicing as much as possible. Although taking bad quality photos is not desirable in any case, there is nothing worse than a bad portrait photo. Even if the image is not a portrait and is small enough where one can hardly find his or her face among others, the tendency is to be disappointed and to notice the slightest drawbacks in appearance. So things get much worse when the face is a center of attention. When taking portrait photos everything is important – lighting, camera position, background, and even the mood of the person whose portrait is made and the mood of the person who takes a photo! A portrait photo is intended to capture emotions and character. Photographers – both amateurs and professionals may make mistakes though, and due to incorrect camera settings the portrait photo can be spoiled. What to do if the photo is not perfect? Although ImageConverter Plus is not similar to Photoshop, we offer several means of correcting a bad portrait photo. If the photo contains wrinkles, freckles or shine on the face, those are easy to correct via the blur effect. If the portrait photo looks too trivial, add sepia effect that will add some special charm making the photo (but not the subject of your portrait!) look older than in reality. Sometimes though these little drawbacks on your face are advantages that help you look unique and really special, so why worry about those?