One more way to convert PSP and other files on Linux

The variety of operating systems is not that large. When choosing one of them – Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. the user is guided by such factors as vulnerability to viruses, ease of use, software availability and many other factors depending on the intention of usage. Some people strongly prefer Linux because it seems pretty stable and lasts long without being rebooted. It provides persistent high performance on workstations and on networks. It can handle unusually large numbers of users simultaneously, and can make old computers sufficiently responsive to be useful again. It is fast and free. When any software is developed it is usually platform specific. Cross-platform software is something that one comes across infrequently, though ImageConverter Plus can easily work on Linux. Our graphics engine is suitable for both platforms, so regular conversion jobs one can perform on Windows can be easily transferred to Linux as well. We keep getting positive feedback from our customers appreciating the possibility to convert PSP and other files on Linux. Image conversion on Linux can be performed on individual files and image batches in the same way as for Windows. But image conversion is not the only option we offer our Linux users. Linux is often preferred for programming for its high level of security and backup. The graphics engine developed by fCoder Group, Inc. can be used for your own programming ideas on any platform you choose – Windows and Linux.