ImageConverter Plus is a universal tool that can handle images of a huge variety of image formats. The number of formats supported by our software is quite impressive – the software supports very commonly used formats alongside with very rare or specific ones. In some situations one format can replace another one, and it’s not as easy to make a choice. TIFF is a standard file format – a format that is more or less universally readable by graphics software. PSD is Photoshop’s native format, but its use is spreading widely and so is its support. TIFF can save everything PSD can save including layers, paths, channels, transparency, annotations. TIFF can save all the color spaces PSD can. There may be very few reasons for preferring one image format to another. Native TIFF files can be smaller than PSD. Compressed TIFF LZW files are similar in size to PSD, but not universally accepted. Overall, it seems that TIFF and PSD files have pretty much the same capabilities. ImageConverter Plus supports conversion of both TIFF and PSD files into lots of image formats. So, no matter what your preferences are, with ImageConverter Plus you will find solution for any conversion task you can think of.