Getting involved with the Olympic movement

The 2010 Winter Olympic Games are in full swing. Fans from all around the world are celebrating remarkable athletic achievements on snow and ice. You are really lucky if you have been witness to some of the most unforgettable moments. Some of those moments have been dazzling athletic achievements, others have been moments that organizers would have preferred never happened. But good or bad, these events will turn to be subjects of the photographs to reflect once in a lifetime experience. Half the fun of taking pictures is sharing them with family and friends. Images are usually saved in a large size for better detail, but when it comes for you to send them via e-mail or post on the web, it gets problematic. ImageConverter Plus is the tool to decrease the image dimension. We can process images of any size and any file format. Our software also enables you to convert your images, add a watermark, change image DPI and perform lots more operations. You can choose which actions to take and possibly combine resizing with image conversion and other options.