Protecting animals from illegal hunting

Avatars are usually moving objects, people, or animals. Avatars are a good way to express your emotions, your thoughts, or your character. They are created by means of the GIF format – the only one that supports animation. An animated GIF is an image made with multiple bitmap images, which are shown in a rapid sequence, making it appear as if the image is animated. It’s kind of like those old cartoon flip books. An animated GIF can loop endlessly, and one can watch it without learning the real end of the story it tells. Apart from avatars animated GIFs are used as web banners. If you have created your own animated GIF files, the importance is to protect them from illegal use. ImageConverter Plus will let you protect your authorship. This is possible by means of watermarking your images. It doesn’t matter whether or not your image is animated -the technique will be practically the same. You need to create a separate image or text with transparent background that will occupy just a little space of your image file. Copyright is of vital importance – it is designed to protect the rights and financial ability of the creator of an individual piece of work.