Product activation as a method of software protection

Due to software piracy and other forms of unauthorized use, users cannot always be sure that they have a genuine copy of software. Using an illegal product is never safe, plus pirated software hurts everyone—software developers and software users. The illegal duplication and distribution of software has a significant impact on the ability of software manufacturers to develop and improve their product because they lose a significant part of their income. In an effort to reduce software piracy and ensure that ImageConverter Plus customers receive the product quality they expect, product activation is required. Product activation helps ensure that each copy is installed in compliance with the end-user license agreement and is not installed on more than the limited number of computers allowed by the product license. We have made the activation process really easy. It will be initiated only once when you launch ImageConverter Plus for the first time, taking just a few moments. Reduced piracy means that fCoder Group, Inc. can invest more in product development, quality and support. This ensures better products and more innovation for customers. If your activation is no longer valid (if you change your hardware, etc) please reach our support service to request another activation key and reset the activation counter.