How to upload your BMP images to the web

BMP format is somehow historic or old-fashioned, but it is still widely used in Windows. It is highly standardized and extremely widespread. BMP images can range fr om black and white (1 bit per pixel) up to 24 bit color (16.7 million colors). A BMP image is also called a bitmap and is the type of uncompressed graphic. Specifically, it is a map of bits that form a complete image. Bits are ones and zeros that computers use to store information. Each bit refers to a pixel and it tells the computer screen what color the pixel should be: the computer is really saving an exact visual picture of the image. Bitmap images store a tremendous amount of information and allow the computer to display the image very close to the original. Editing BMP images is easy as well – they can be amended pixel by pixel. The only disadvantage of a BMP image is that it’s larger than JPEG which makes it not suitable for the web. Still, it’s possible to convert a BMP image to JPEG so that the images can go to Facebook, online photo albums or be sent via email. The BMP images are uncompressed, but ImageConverter Plus lets you resize them if you want to upload them to a device with a size lim itation.