Pre-press image preparation

Pre-press preparation is the process of preparing your images for commercial print. This field is one of those where the proper choice of color mode is essential. CMYK consisting of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black is usually a preferred color mode. Offset color printers use the CMYK color model to produce the vast array of colors for printed materials. Each of the four colors of CMYK is applied one by one gradually building the resulting image. The resulting image looks full color, though it’s a good optical illusion – there are hundreds of dots, each of them is either Cyan, Yellow, Magenta or Black. Lots of designers have a strong preference for CMYK. It does not mean though that RGB is out of use – RGB images are smaller in size and produce brighter images. Besides, RGB is used when a certain program is not able to process CMYK files. With support of practically all color modes of various image formats, ImageConverter Plus allows saving images in a specific one and converting RGB color mode to CMYK and vice versa.