How to place several files with the same name into one folder

What would you do if you got hundreds of image files fr om one and the same event, wh ere some files would share the same name? This is not a good idea to place them into different folders, but how to re-organize them so that they become properly converted and saved in necessary folders meanwhile retaining their initial name structure? ImageConverter Plus can offer about 30 macros for naming the resulting image files. What you choose is the most appropriate one – reflecting date, time of conversion, type of the image, etc. Some macros include the original file name and add more information about each file to a resulting image. But let’s return to the case when several files have identical names. There are four options you can choose from and the software will double check your preference: you can ask the program to rename the file manually, to auto rename the file, to skip the file, or to overwrite the file. In all these cases file name collision becomes impossible.