Which photo is good? Which one is bad?

What do you normally do when you need to open a certain file and show the photo to someone, but fail to open it? An error message, such as “cannot open file type” may be very discouraging. Sometimes a certain file has no chance to be opened – there are specific data hidden behind its name, and one needs to know how the original file was created. But sometimes the file is damaged because of a problematic origin or numerous transmissions all over the web. We can offer several resources that enable the users to open even damaged image files. Our image viewer has been developed up to the highest standards and enables the users to open practically every graphic file. In case you encounter problems opening a certain image file, we encourage you to send it to our support service. Chances are that the file has been saved in a very rare format, and this will be the reason for us to include a certain specific format into our list of supported image files.