Extract meaningful information from medical images

Online medical consultations, distance x-ray analysis, scientific research all require digital imaging. The 21st century is so computerized that it takes minutes to send questionable images to a distance specialist to get them reviewed. Directing medical questions to a reputable specialist in another part of the world gets easy if the inquiry is accompanied with a photo. Analysis of medical data involves the extraction of meaningful information from digital images. Cancer slides, bone breaks shots, lung x-rays – they all sometimes require a second opinion. But opening medical images is not always possible. Plus, it gets more complicated when the images need to be uploaded to the web or printed out. Medical images are normally saved in the DICOM format (The Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine). This image format was specifically created for the distribution of medical images. DICOM enables the integration of scanners, servers, workstations, printers, and network hardware from multiple manufacturers into a unified system. It stores multiple raster images together with patient and device information. Converting DICOM images to a different image format is essential for printing purposes and for uploading to the web. ImageConverter Plus provides comprehensive support for DICOM files. Providing opportunities for a fast DICOM image conversion, we make it possible for the physicians to get instant access to the actual images themselves, rather than waiting for them to be sent on disks. The inability to share medical image data across separate organizations results in significant problems: inadequate patient care due to absent data, delayed care due to ineffective image distribution, significant increases in cost, as well as potential health risk.