“It is only the first step that is difficult”

Practically none of the images are perfect when they come directly from the camera. Even professional photographers post-process their images to adjust their dpi, resize them, and convert them from one format to another depending on the purpose of their use. Not-so-experienced users have a choice between leaving things as they are, or practicing to use different software programs intended to improve their photos. If you have just purchased ImageConverter Plus, some definitions may seem very complicated or even scary, but don’t be in a hurry to get frustrated. Just a couple of days – and you will master the program. One of the first definitions everyone comes across, is a “profile”. “Profile” is something that has very different meanings – the outline or contour of the human face; a description of a person, group, or organization that contains all the details that someone needs; a drawing; an object outline, etc. When talking about image files, there are more definitions of a “profile” regarding color, color space and even image conversion. Image conversion profiles are a set of operations applied to image files. A profile can be simple and complicated; can combine 2 operations or 20 of those – it all depends on the user’s specific needs. Experienced users of ImageConverter Plus use profiles on a regular basis and apply same profiles to different image files or folders. No matter how many different options one profile contains, you can create several different profiles and save them for further use. To use the profiles created, name them – this will help you locate them faster. Load the existing profiles directly from the software interface, send the profiles to someone who may need them, amend or delete the existing profiles – all these options are available. If you are a beginner, there are several profiles already in the program. We suggest that you practice using them more and gradually introduce some changes into them. Don’t worry – your source image files will never be spoilt. Try different profile parameters and see how your images change. This is one of the first steps to mastering the art of photography.