High quality small-sized RAW

The RAW file format is known for its superb quality taking into account that all the resolution and data fr om the image sensor remains available for post-processing. RAW files though may be a dozen megabytes in size each, which imposes limitations on the number of images a camera can produce. Developers of Canon cameras seem to have found a solution to this problem and introduced the sRaw format, or so-called “small RAW”. sRaw is a simplified version of a standard RAW file – approximately ¼ of its regular size but carrying all the capabilities of a regular RAW. In case you are the owner of some Canon cameras, such as Canon EOS 40D, you’ve probably noticed that apart from offering standard JPEG and RAW shooting options, it allows capturing images in the sRAW format. The sRAW file format is the way to go when you need to save space on your disk, when you are pretty certain you won’t need to print anything larger than 6×4, or if you need to quickly transfer the images from your camera into your computer. ImageConverter Plus has just introduced support of the sRAW format for all types of further processing.