More about an animated mouse pointer

If you find yourself easily bored with the desktop, you might find fun in using animated cursors available in Windows. They change the appearance of the mouse and luckily, in Windows, you can change it with relative ease. These animated icons are known as “Windows Animated Cursors”. They are saved in a file format with the extension .ANI. An .ani file is a structured format (Microsoft RIFF) that contains information about the animation (author, title, steps, length and order of each step) followed by several frames. Like movies and cartoons, several icon frames are displayed one by one and this leads to the final animated cursor. Each frame in an animated cursor is displayed during a short time. Unfortunately, we can’t help you create your own cursors so far. But if you want to save your favorite one in a different image format, ImageConverter Plus provides this opportunity. Practically all the most common formats are supported for this type of conversion.