Managing multiple tasks in complex

We keep getting the feedback from your users that help us understand what options of ImageConverter Plus are appreciated mostly. It’s a rare case when the image looks perfect. You normally have to post-process it to get the desired result. Depending on your needs you have to resize your images to send them by email, to upload them on your web-site or just to save the disc space. You usually also need to crop your images to remove distracting elements. And some image effects are also essential. The technology of ImageConverter Plus allows amateur and professional photographers alike to alter their shots in just a couple of mouse clicks. You can combine several tasks in one operation, no matter how complicated the task originally seems. ImageConverter Plus makes it easy to resize and compress photos in batch mode. The options and settings of the resize operation cover almost all tasks for changing image size and proportion. The new image size can be set in pixels or percent value. You don’t have to go with the preset sizes – choose the one you really need and combine resize operation with many more image conversion jobs.