Making a house look more beautiful than it really is

Real estate photos are worth more than a thousand words. Agents agree that photos are one of the most important pieces of information they need to present to potential buyers. Truth that location and price could well be the two significant components to draw possible buyers’ attention, a fabulous picture of the house’s every angle and room will definitely contribute a lot to its marketing points. Real estate agents need to be timely and prompt. As soon as the property is on sale the task is to upload its professional photos to the web-site not to miss someone interested in buying it. High quality photos are of major importance, but how to quickly upload them to the web-site adding corresponding description and making everyone interested in its full-sized version? Web optimization is a must. Photos can be resized as needed and optimized for the web to help your web pages open faster. Real estate agents also do some tricks so that the property looks more attractive – remove unwanted objects, people or pets, apply sepia effect, convert images to black-and-white. Even if HDR photography is used – hard to say whether or not it’s ethical (a potential buyer is likely to go and see what it looks like in reality before making a purchase anyway) ImageConverter Plus can process HDR images. Our goal is to provide as many image processing conveniences as possible for your photography business.