Make the SNP files more accessible and more printable

SNP files are proprietary of Microsoft Access. The SNP format is used by Microsoft Access to store snapshots in a single file. Files with the .snp file extension extend dramatically, with regards to the range of applications for Access reports. They can also be used on web servers, LAN servers, as well as with e-mail. To view .snp files one either needs to download the free program called Microsoft Snapshot Viewer, or to convert .snp files to a different image format. Viewing .snp files may cause difficulties – for instance, if you install Windows XP Service Pack 2, you will be prompted to save the .snp file instead of opening it directly in Internet Explorer. This means you need the software able to convert the .snp files into something more recognizable. Similar decision should be made when one has to fax or print Microsoft Access reports. The reports saved as .snp files may be highly formatted and include charts, catalogues describing items and including images and descriptions. The most appropriate image formats in those situations would be TIFF or PDF. ImageConverter Plus can be used for viewing and converting .snp files into a variety of image formats.