Advantages of the ImageConverter Plus general license

ImageConverter Plus offers various licensing options for customers: our home users get a discounted license for non-commercial use; we also offer discounted licensing policy for non-profit organizations and may consider other special circumstances if you make a request to our support service. Still, to a large extent, our software has been designed for graphics professionals who have to convert and resize thousands of images every day. Batch image conversion is one of the strengths of ImageConverter Plus. Purchasing a general license, you get access to multiple image conversion possibilities including command-line options. You can make use of the right-click menu, built-in image conversion profiles, and can convert images fr om over 800 image formats and their dialects. Still, there are no lim its for other software licensing options. Whatever license you choose, you get access to the full spectrum of the software functionality. General license though is advantageous for our corporate customers who need to install ImageConverter Plus onto several computers. Please note though that one general license is for one user account. The number of purchased licenses should correspond to the number of user accounts the program is installed on. One computer may have several user accounts, and a separate license is needed for each of these user accounts. Still, the larger number of licenses you purchase, the larger discount you will get . Also, we have recently come across the cases when the cracked version of ImageConverter Plus is offered on several resources. We have to warn our users that the cracked version may contain malicious software program, which can cause damage to your computer or perform actions without your permission. fCoder SIA is not responsible for such cases. We guarantee that the original version of ImageConverter Plus is virus free and has been granted with a “safe to install” certificate. This means that our software contains no viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, or backdoors and causes no threat when installed.