Fun color patterns

Have you ever imagined life without color? We are so used to seeing colors that they have become something we take for granted. We prefer to go for bright colors on the day of ceremonies and functions to look good. Colors also stand as symbols like red is the symbol of fight and white is the symbol of peace. Your choice of color is also the representation of your mind. It is said that someone whose favorite color is red is very hardworking, and one who loves to wear black is having a very bad mind and is generally thought to be harmful. Child upbringing involves working with colors a lot. One of the first things we do with kids is teach them distinguish between colors and shapes. Children love colors, and the brighter the child’s room is painted, the better it is for overall development. Colors also help children develop sense of humor. Inverting colors for children is fun. For example, when you show a blue apple to a child, normally the child starts laughing and tries to invert colors of other familiar objects. This helps the child explore the world, understand stereotypes and develop imagination. Inverting the colors is a great way to create an interesting design and make different parts of your design standout. Command line of ImageConverter Plus allows inverting colors. For example, if you have black and white bitmap file and want to convert it to the GIF format so that white areas become black, and black areas become white, command line of ImageConverter Plus can help you with that. Use option -oper Effect effect: negative, and all colors on your image or images will become inverted.