Equation with one “X”

If you ever wanted to create your own screen backgrounds, screensavers, or artwork for the internet homepage, you are aware of the file format XBM. There are two variations of this format – one of them was designed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (its academic sector first before being released for commercial purposes), and another one – Internet browsers. The latter one is more common and is used for containing icon and cursor bitmaps for graphical user interface. Presently, the .xbm file extension no longer exists within the default Web browser for Windows, but it is still widely used in Internet browsers. The XBM format is monochrome, uncompressed, and its maximum size is unlimited. It allows multiple images for every file which makes the file size really large. Realizing that XBM can hardly be called a common image format, ImageConverter Plus allows converting XBM into a variety of more popular graphics formats to be able to access them with greater ease. This will also help you save space on your disc.