Inside the royal wedding

Unless you have been living on another planet, you know that the royal wedding just happened. The wedding ceremony between Prince William and Kate Middleton proved to be every bit as majestic, heartwarming and special as anticipated. From tiny villages to big cities, millions of British people celebrated this historical event. The wedding was a once-in-a-lifetime and a very unique experience not to be missed, and this feeling was shared by thousands of tourists who made their trip to London to at least say they were there when Kate and Wills got married. If you were among the lucky ones in the crowd near the Buckingham Palace and have photos to share and stories to tell we encourage you to upload your photos to Facebook, to your own web pages and to your blog. You should email your friends and relatives. If you come across a photo contest such as the best capture of the final wedding kiss, why not participate, because we can help you in many ways to optimize your photos to satisfy all the requirements – crop your images, control their proportions, create thumbnails, plus hundreds of other options.