Reduce the size of your images

Digital cameras are very advanced nowadays and make photos containing millions of pixels. Printing such images is advantageous, but sharing them online may be problematic. Lots of websites won’t let you upload high resolution images and will require to resize them. Some online resources though will resize your photos automatically. This automatic photo resize though may cause issues with the general appearance of your image – the photo may lose colors, or will come our too light, etc. How to take better control over your digital images and reduce their size with the maximum quality? Photo resize of ImageConverter Plus offers advanced solutions for minimizing the size of digital images. There are several parameters to set – the image size can be defined in inches, centimeters or percentage. ImageConverter Plus can resize image folders keeping the original folder structure. It means that the output image files will be saved in the similar folder, and the only difference with the original one will be the reduced size that will allow sharing images online. It’s a rare user who will wait long to open a certain image to see what the full-sized version of the thumbnail looks like – likely he or she will leave your portal making a preference for another one more user-friendly. Resizing your image ImageConverter Plus will keep the maximum image quality. You can even upload your own drawings by scanning them, converting the bitmaps to JPEG, and resizing them all simultaneously.