Do not reveal your personal information online

GPS applications on smartphones and cameras provide numerous advantages, but may also do harm to innocent users. Most of it implies disclosing personal information to strangers. How is that possible? Modern smartphones are equipped with geotags that capture longitude and latitude of the places where the photos were taken. The margin of error is within 15 feet only. The information captured is not so obvious, but can be easily accessed with specific software installed on the computer. A phone can also report its user’s location to any of several different apps, which in turn may sell the information to third parties. While geotaggin gives directions to lots of useful places, they meanwhile reveal lots of private information about the user. Popular internet resources have some tools which perform location-based search. It becomes easy to learn the address of the woman on a dating site; a photo of the child at home may reveal your home address to the child predator; information about your absence from home accompanied by the photos of the house can make you a theft target, etc. fCoder Group, Inc. can offer two means for dealing with these inconveniences. ImageConverter Plus allows editing or removing EXIF and IPTC data from photos. You can either amend, or delete all the personal information when converting or resizing your images. Geotag Security is the software taking care of all your photos carrying geotag information. When you upload your photos to this program, it will locate all the photos equipped with geotags and remove the latter ones before posting the photos online.