Image Object Content Architecture format

Some file extensions are very obvious to identify the image format the file is saved in. Some though are less popular, and it takes time to figure out what image format is hidden behind the image file name. ICA image format stands for Object Content Architecture. It is attached to images that are stored in the IOCA format used to contain multi-page images. The ICA format was developed by IBM to allow the image data be used in the Internet. ICA files contain image segments which describe the image details. This image format is used to create small objects, though it should not be confused with the ICO format which is more common for the similar tasks on Windows based systems. The ICA file extension is also used by the ICA (Independent Computing Architecture) protocol for Citrix Systems application servers. Application software is an engine used to send processes and data to client computers. Servers allow sending the data over the local area networks (LANs). This client-server structure is used to communicate processes between computers and systems. ICA is a protocol used to set and manage the transfer of tasks, information and processes over the client-server structure. Files with the file extension .ica are used to store configuration settings. The ICA file extension is attached to files that store information for a specific server. One does not need to download any special software to open the ICA files, but the necessity to convert them into something more common is pretty frequent. ImageConverter Plus provides the numerous image conversion opportunities for the ICA format. You can convert ICA files to any output image formats supported by ImageConverter Plus.