How to create images of non-original shape

There may be several reasons to create a photo of a non-original shape – oval, with rounded borders, with wavy or figured borders, or with some inscription around the photo. They may be useful to attract attention to the website, to make a gift to someone, to create special event memories, etc. Whatever the event is – having a baby, celebrating birthday, wedding, Christmas, etc – making photos look a little different by adding more graphics emotions to the way the photo looks, is always a great way to enhance the impression. ImageConverter Plus is not like Photoshop, but can help you make a few minor photo enhancing modifications. Surprisingly, but ImageConverter Plus can fulfill this task by means of ”watermark” operation. This operation will be the one to choose. There is a ready-to-use profile available on our website and a detailed description on how to create images of non-original shape.