How to evenly cut images with uneven borders

A nicely framed photograph usually surpasses the one that is not framed. And it’s not just an expensive wooden or glass frame for a photo that is supposed to hang on the wall. Even regular photos benefit from a black border around the image, plus they get protected from greasy hands when they go from one person to another. A good image border will also make your photo stand out among others in the Internet. And last but not least, in case you are going to cut a photo printed out, it’s hard to do so when dealing with light background – it’s problematic to distinguish light image border from white paper color – it will hardly be visible. ImageConverter Plus will help you add a black border of 1 – 2 pixels wide to every image. Images will become easy to cut, and uneven borders will no longer be a problem. Please note that there is a ready-to-use profile available on our website to perform such a task.