The heart of fCoder graphics products

fCoder Group, Inc. strives to improve the products produced. Our amateur users can practice batch conversion of images of various graphics formats, resize their photos and apply numerous image effects. But developers of fCoder Group, Inc. try to provide overall support for graphics professionals as well. The graphics processor of ImageConverter Plus is now available for sale. It allows processing of about 200 formats and over 800 format dialects. It can work with huge images and easily resize them. There are no more limits for 2D graphics processing. The graphics engine was developed exclusively by fCoder Group engineers and serves as the basis for all our products. Now it’s your turn to implement our achievements into your own applications. Our graphics engine is suitable for Windows and Linux platforms. It is mostly oriented for C and C++ programming languages, and is also suitable for Pascal, Basic, and others working with DLL. It does not require a lot of RAM. The graphics engine can process monochrome, grayscale, indexed color, true color, and HDR images. Available color depths are 1, 4, 8, 16, 32 (HDR) bits. Here are the code samples supported by our graphics processor. The library supports multipage images, alpha channel, signature image detection and reliability in multithread work. You can use the GP GetRawTile and SetRawTile functions to utilize any additional graphics functions. Our engine is constantly updated to keep pace with the latest trends in graphics development.