How to better locate the resulting image files

Conversion of image folders involves more efforts than conversion of separate image files. Normally, each image folder refers to specific set of image files, and keeping the original folder structure is essential for converted images not to experience any image losses. Sometimes image folders are not so well organized, and it makes sense to re-organize them. This means that ignoring the folder structure is an option. A real mess may be created if there are subfolders apart fr om folders. Each folder can contain several subfolders, and in case you do not take precautions, you will have to locate images manually after they are converted, and organize them properly. Naming the resulting image files is closely related to the folder structure. No matter how carefully you will choose the destination folder and preferences for subfolder conversion, files may be easily lost if you do not name them properly. There are quite a few macros offered by ImageConverter Plus, wh ere you can set the file names according to date and time of conversion, image size, file type, etc, or you can introduce your own parameters intended to better locate the resulting image files.